Lakeshore Drive road/walkway work continues

Story by WNLP’s Beth Boardman


It’s been a quiet dirt road for several weeks, but work is now continuing on Lakeshore Drive between Grangemouth and Craven drives. When completed, the previous two-way stretch of road will be one way southward with a parallel walking trail. Above is a photo showing Walsh & Kelly Construction Co. workers installing new curbing in front of residences on Sept. 3.

A few days ago about four feet of yard frontage was removed, but “while there have been a few concerns raised about property lines, the project is being completed within city-owned land,” La Porte Parks Superintendent Mark Schreiber told WNLP. “There is no acquisition of property as part of the project. We held a public meeting in February with over 100 residents in attendance. Plans were available for viewing and commenting at that time and then again in March prior to receiving park board approval. Our team has been working with residents to mitigate impact near properties.”

The entire project, including installation of a walking bridge across the channel near Grangemouth Bridge, is expected to be completed by mid-October. The first course of paving should go down next week, Schreiber said. “The bridge is being built by Contech Engineered Solutions, spans 70 foot by 10 foot, and will consist of a metal frame with concrete decking,” he said. The image below provided by the city shows part of the road/walkway once completed.


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  1. Chuka

    Sep 04. 2020

    What a wonderful improvement project!

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  2. Tim

    Sep 04. 2020


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  3. Lucy

    Sep 06. 2020

    Hope the fishing pier goes in the water because of the fluctuations of the water

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