Residents urged to check for unclaimed property

State Rep. Jim Pressel

Indiana State Rep. Jim Pressel is reminding local residents to check with the state of Indiana to see if they have any unclaimed property currently being held by the state.

Pressel said that, as of now, there is about $570 million in property that is waiting to be claimed and returned to the rightful owners.

Those interested in checking can click here:

Unclaimed property can come from forgotten accounts, insurance claims, safe deposit boxes, utilities, lost checks, court deposits, trusts, securities, wages, or any other financial asset with no activity by its owner for an extended period of time. It does not include abandoned vehicles, real estate or stolen property.

Already this year, Hoosiers claimed more than $30 million in property, and a lot more is still waiting, according to Pressel.

For more information, visit or call 866-IN-CLAIM (866-462-5246).

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