Remember this?

The Blankenship home’s nest in mid-August.

Remember those shots of hornets that had taken up residence several weeks ago at the homes of some La Porteans? Gena Blankenship writes: “A few weeks ago I sent in photos of a bald face hornets nest. Unfortunately they became very aggressive so we had to kill them. This is what the inside of the nest looks like.”
An unfortunate ending for the wasps, but we can appreciate the intricacy of their nests and the cooperative effort it takes for wasps to build their nest.

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  1. Rev. Ron Brauer

    Sep 10. 2020

    Thanks for sharing the photos of how intricate these creatures can form their hive. It’s not every day we get to see how these are constructed. Sad to hear the end but you have these photos to remember the creative side of this experience.

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