No injuries reported in spectacular blaze on Toll Road early Sunday

Photos and story by WNLP’s Bob Wellinski
     Around 1:30 Sunday morning, our house was rattled by two large explosions followed by a third one coming from the north-northwest of our home. Upon hearing the sirens of the fire trucks rolling, I knew the source of the explosions wasn’t too far away.
     Once on top of the Toll Road overpass on Johnson Road I was greeted with a parade of Center Township Volunteer Fire Trucks making their way onto the Toll Road. Off in the distance was the telltale sign of the source. About one mile east of Johnson Road was an orange glow coming from a burning semi. Since I had no access point to get a good view of the scene, and eastbound traffic was already backed up to the Johnson Road overpass, I made my way to Ind. 39 to get on the Toll Road.
     The orange glow and heavy smoke mixed with the red and blue lights of emergency vehicles led me to the scene. Firefighters were battling the fire from ground and by air, trying to squelch the fire in the engulfed Federal Express trailer. The tractor was already disconnected from the trailer and no injuries were reported.
     From the Center Township Fire and Rescue Facebook page:
     At 1:30AM, we were dispatched to a vehicle fire on the toll road. Upon arrival we found a semi trailer with heavy fire and immediately called for assistance from Springfield Twp Fire, Coolspring Twp Fire, Scipio Twp Fire, LaPorte County Haz-Mat and Clover Leaf Garage.  For the next few hours we would work on putting out the contents of the fully packed trailer. We are unsure at this point what started it.Thank you for all that came out for your assistance. Indiana State Police was also on scene as traffic was backed up well over two miles. The department also thanked Center Township trustee Lisa Snyder Pierzakowski for bringing much needed refreshments.

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  1. Julie Kessler

    Sep 15. 2020

    Thanks, Bob, for this report. You made it so much more than the usual dry info. And the photos, too!

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