COVID-19 update: county’s positive cases at 1,324

As of early today, La Porte County has seen 1,324 positive cases of COVID-19, and the death toll, at 37, has remained steady, according to data from the state of Indiana.

About a week ago, the total number of positive cases of COVID-19 reported by the state stood at 1,229. The number of deaths was 37. On Aug. 28 the state reported 1,154 positive cases and 31 deaths.

Those are the latest findings from the Indiana State Department of Health.

The state department regularly issues an official coronavirus update on its website which includes, among other things, public and professional resources, facts regarding the virus, and a map of the entire state with a county-by-county breakdown of the positive cases, deaths and number of people tested.

To view the latest official data, click:

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