Lots of shots: our readers have been busy



WNLP readers have been finding all sorts of photo-worthy things in the area the last few days. At top, Glen Richardson came upon a Green Heron during a rainy walk Saturday at Luhr County Park. Glen also shared what he describes as a fun “fungus” photo, above. For those who are into Where’s Waldo-like “treasure hunting,” Glen gave the following hint: this can be found also at Luhr Park.



Tara Hoffman submitted the above photo, writing that she was driving on Boyd Boulevard on her way to work. “Did a double take to make sure it wasn’t the moon in the eastern sky. It was in fact the beautiful sun.”





Corey Goers was on a weekend get-away: “Everyone is trying to squeeze a little bit more out of summer before fall grabs on to stay. We visited some family on Saturday in Angola, Indiana on Lake James. Jet skiers, kayakers, swimmers, and a seaplane were taking advantage of a nice weather day.”



WNLP’s Beth Boardman, too, captured evidence of the waning days of summer, above: “A beautiful late summer (early autumn?) evening at Stone Lake Beach is the perfect setting for a spirited game of volleyball.”



Timothy Cavinder snapped the photo at left: “I believe these are two Great Egrets or White Herons. They were busy last Saturday in Clear Lake, enjoying the warm temperatures and looking for some fish for lunch.”









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  1. Beth

    Sep 16. 2020

    I enjoy the green herons on the pond behind my house. I think of them as the comical-looking cousins to blue herons, squawks and all. I think every family should have a cousin like that!

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