Web series to bring together contractors, owners

The Northwest Indiana Business RoundTable (NWIBRT) has announce the launch of a new web series designed to connect regional construction contractors with owner companies and facility managers.

Called “Meet the Owner/General Contractor,” the series will provide owner attendees with a one-on-one platform to learn about NWI contractors, to make new contacts, and to learn about new projects. It will also provide contractors with a deeper understanding of owner company perspectives and needs in an ever-changing economic climate.

NWIBRT is an independent, non-profit council of local firms committed to the improvement of construction and maintenance projects in Northwest Indiana.

“One of the best ways to make sure that construction industry capabilities align with customer demands and trends is to bring everyone to the table to talk about it,” said Don Bull, chairman. “This series was created to help support that alignment so the NWI construction industry can reman ahead of the curve in delivering outstanding projects for regional project owners.

Each session will be hosted by a different NWIBRT member who will put together a panel of three to four company leaders who will speak to their area of expertise. These sessions will be online and will run 30 minutes.

Visit NWIBRT.org to register and attend these meetings.

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