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Ela Bilderback, Republican candidate for La Porte County Recorder
“As a candidate for La Porte County Recorder, with election day fast approaching, I would like to, again, take the opportunity to tell voters about myself. I am an immigrant from Poland, and La Porte has been my home since 1995. Here, I raised my children and spent many years caring first for my chronically ill mother-in-law, and then my late husband. Widowed at 45 and with children grown, I began pursuing my own interests and got involved. Passionate about music and loving what the symphony has done in our community, I became a board member of the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra.  My interest in La Porte’s beautiful architecture (and owning a home on Indiana Avenue) led me to become a member (and now the president) of the city’s Historic Preservation Commission, and a member of People Engaged in Preservation.  I have volunteered at area food banks, helped refurbish Fort LaPlayPorte, and was the primary organizer of a partnership between the Tree Commission and residents to trim trees in our neighborhood.   I found all this very rewarding, so I made the decision to run for political office as a further way to give back, to continue my involvement in the community in yet another way. The Recorder’s duties are about accuracy and exactness, something that is very much part of my personality, and I have always found detail work very rewarding. My experience at Wal-Mart (my current employer) includes inventory management, supervising unloading teams, running sporting goods, and now, the automotive department.  This prepared me to be a leader capable of running an efficient, productive office. I have great confidence that I am the Recorder our county needs and deserves, and I ask you for your vote on or before November 3rd.”  

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  1. Chris

    Nov 26. 2020

    The most important thing is the ability to obtain a citizenship of this great country.

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