Here are final La Porte County vote results; good numbers for GOP

A voter and a poll worker keep their social distance Tuesday at the Center Township Volunteer Fire Station. (Wellinski photo)

A line of early voters snakes down to the Cummings Lodge parking lot in La Porte city in the first hour of voting Tuesday. (Boardman photo)

Story by WNLP’s Beth Boardman, photos by WNLP’s Bob Wellinski and Beth Boardman

More than 24 hours after the polls closed, La Porte County’s election results are complete. And the results show victory was on the side of many local Republican candidates.

Perhaps most notably, Democratic veteran officeholders Dr. Vidya Kora, Kathy Chroback and Lynne Spevak were defeated. In the presidential race, the majority of voters chose Donald Trump, who received 53 percent of the vote over Democrat Joe Biden. A full list of county vote totals for each race is below.

Like many counties in the U.S., the high voter turnout slowed the vote tally at the La Porte Circuit Courthouse Tuesday and today. The voter turnout totaled a whopping 62.60 percent or 49,931 of the county’s 79,763 registered voters. That included 23,880 who voted on Election Day, 19,087 who voted early at selected polling places, and 6,964 who voted early with mail-in ballots, according to the unofficial results released Wednesday night by the La Porte County Clerk’s Office.

Straight-party votes totaled 10,791 for the Republican Party, 6,662 for the Democratic Party, and 25 for the Libertarian Party.

Lines were impressive, especially early on, at several of the county’s 92 precincts. A good number of younger voters turned out.

The complete election count was halted at about 9 p.m. Tuesday. On Wednesday, mail-in ballots were counted and the finals were released at about 9:30 p.m.

Here are the unofficial voting results as released by the clerk’s office Wednesday night:


(D) Joseph R. Biden, 22,419
(R) Donald J. Trump, 25,991
(L) Jo Jorgensen, 968
Write-in, 91

(D) Woodrow “Woody” Myers, 18,126
(R) Eric Holcomb, 26,123
(L) Donald G. Rainwater II, 4,356

Attorney General:
(D) Jonathan Weinzapfel, 22,155
(R) Todd Rokita, 25,090

U.S. Representative, District 1:
(D) Frank J. Mrvan, 12,633
(R) Mark Leyva, 10,680
(L) Michael Strauss, 1,125
Write-in, 8

U.S. Representative, District 2:
(D) Patricia “Pat” Hackett, 9,478
(R) Jackie Walorski, 14,202
Write-in, 13

State Senator, District 5:
(D) Luke Bohm, 649
(R) Ed Charbonneau, 1,619

State Senator, District 8:
(D) Gary Davis, 12,602
(R) Mike Bohacek, 17,924

State Representative, District 8:
(D) Ryan M. Dvorak, 1,325
(R) Timothy Jaycox, 1,848

State Representative, District 9:
(D) Patricia A. “Pat” Boy, 12,608
(R) Dion Bergeron, 8,773

State Representative, District 20:
(D) Tim Gust, 7,878
(R) Jim Pressel, 15,723

Judge of the Superior Court No.1:
(D) Michael S. Bergerson, 23,395
(R) Jamie Oss, 24,498

Judge of the Superior Court No. 2:
(D) Richard Robert Stalbrink Jr., 30,284
(R) No candidate filed

Judge of the Superior Court No. 3:
(D) No candidate filed
(R) Jeffrey L. Thorne, 32,461

Judge of the Superior Court 4:

(D) Greta S. Friedman, 29,517
(R) No candidate filed

Circuit Court Clerk:
(D) Kathleen A. Chroback, 22,966
(R) Heather Stevens, 24,956

County Auditor:
(D) Lynne F. Spevak, 23,782
(R) Timothy J. Stabosz, 23,981

County Recorder:
(D) Lois Sosinski, 23,625
(R) Elzbieta (Ela) Bilderback, 23,878

County Treasurer:
(D) Joie Winski, 24,278
(R) John Matwyshyn, 23,222

County Coroner:
(D) Mark P. Baker, 20,565
(R) Lynn Swanson, 27,053

County Surveyor:
(D) Anthony “Tony” Charles Hendricks, 30,846
(R) No candidate filed

County Commissioner, District 2:
(D) No candidate filed
(R) Rich Mrozinski, 28,333
(L) Jeremy Smith, 9,794

County Commissioner, District 3:
(D) Vidya Kora, 23,173
(R) Joe Haney, 24,460

County Council At Large (vote for up to 3):
(D) Matthew Bernacchi, 15,684
(D) Mike Mollenhauer, 19,492
(D) Jeff Santana, 17,487
(R) Earl “Coach” Cunningham, 20,750
(R) Connie Gramarossa, 18,114
(R) Brett H. Kessler, 17,669

Town of Pottawattomie Park Clerk Treasurer:
(D) Susan Tochell, 102

Town of Pottawattomie Park Council:
(R) Vincent Miller, 107

John Glenn School Board:
Johnson Township: Ryan Knowlton, 74
Liberty Township: Christian Lee Mattix, 56
Lincoln Township: Robert A. Borlik, 67
Polk Township: Jared Egger, 70

La Porte Community School Board Member At-Large:
James R. “Jim” Arnold, 8,771
Brett A. Binversie, 4,263
Kyleen R. Fuller, 4,878
Marie E. Gilliland, 4,902
Robert M. O’Donnell, 2,492
Rhonda L. Spence, 6,183
Sarah D. Stef, 3,213
Karla Vincent, 4,035

Metropolitan School Board of New Durham Township Member At-Large:
Karen N. Jedrysek, 1,603

Michigan City School Board:
Civil City Board Member: Marty Corley, 12,152
Michigan Springfield Board Member: Deborah L. Chubb, 10, 920

New Prairie School Board:
District 1: Dale Groves, 3,378
District 3: Phillip J. King, 3,248
At Large: Marc A. Gumm, 1,429; Sheldon B. Scott, 528; Jill Smith, 1,867

South Central School Board:
Hanna Township: Allen L. Stevens, 1,296
Noble Township: Geraldine “Gerrie” Grott, 1,291
At-Large: Jacob L. Wade, 1,348

Tri-Township School Board:
At-Large District 1: Chad James Howell, 721; Amy L. Welkie, 551
At-Large District 2: James L. DeHaven, 550; Aaron Rust, 618

6 Responses to “Here are final La Porte County vote results; good numbers for GOP”

  1. china joe

    Nov 05. 2020

    I would like to think the south county go rid of the Dems !

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  2. Dan in LP

    Nov 05. 2020

    No more excuses GOP. You have claimed for decades you are the party of Job creation (“A State that Works”), Low taxes (“Friend of the Taxpayer”), and booming economies (“One Indiana for All”). We have given you the keys to the LaPorte City AND County. If we don’t make the necessary changes to improve our infrastructure, lagging economy, and overall quality of life for residents, it will be because Republicans failed us. I haven’t seen much to be optimistic about yet, but you can feel free to prove me wrong. If not, we will vote you out just as quickly as we did the Dems.

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  3. lawman

    Nov 05. 2020

    Dan i have seen more road and park projects in the city this year than in any other time in recent memory so i would say our Republican mayor is doing something for laporte. drive around the lakes to check it out. also a lot of city road resurfacing. i am optimistic

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    • Dan in LP

      Nov 06. 2020


      I don’t disagree with you…yet. I remember the Mayor’s points of emphasis when running:
      1. Eliminating the drug problem
      2. Code enforcement on slumlords
      3. Bringing good paying jobs into the community

      Dermody certainly has a tall order, and has certainly done some good in all three areas here. I appreciate the fact he has made these areas his priority. He has far surpassed my expectations thus far.

      In terms of your parks reference, I am not sure these proposals are new, Republican ideas, I remember past democratic council members (Mrozinske for instance) make several proposals in years past to no avail.

      I just wanted to remind our newly elected officials of the promises made. If they aren’t kept, they will soon be voted out as well. The Council and Commissioners, along with the lion share of govt offices are in their hands. No more “divided government” argument to blame when promises made aren’t kept.

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  4. Hank

    Nov 06. 2020

    How about finish paving Boyd road where all the potholes are! Get some New family restaurants ar east end of town.

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  5. Brittany

    Nov 06. 2020

    Until a politician get me a chick fil a and target they are all failing in my eyes.

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