Once-homeless bloodhound hunts down criminals now


WNLP editor’s note: The Michiana Humane Society (michianapets.org) shares this happy little story and photo about one of its former residents:

Delilah and one of her handlers.

On Friday two K-9 handlers from the Westville Correctional Facility visited us to assess a dog for their program. As they were leaving, I asked if any of the other dogs we’ve placed with them were still working. They didn’t think so, but then I asked, “What about Delilah?”

They laughed out loud! “Delilah the bloodhound? We have her in the van! We are on our way to the vet for her annual exam!”

Outside in the parking lot we were reunited with Delilah, the purebred bloodhound we told you about back in the summer of 2016 (see the post here).

Delilah is still working. In fact, last summer she was instrumental in tracking down a prisoner who escaped from the state prison in Michigan City.

We are always delighted for visits from our alumni, and especially those who now have jobs helping make our community better.

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  1. Left LaPorte

    Dec 05. 2020

    Who said old dogs can’t hunt? You go girl and show em wh
    at you can do!

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