Moments in time … in photographs


The New York Central 20th Century Limited, ca. 1902, at the Lake Erie & Western crossing east of La Porte. This express passenger train first ran on June 17, 1902. It completed its run from New York to Chicago in 20 hours. It was advertised as “The Greatest Train in the World” and offered its passengers “Red Carpet” treatment as passengers walked up to the train on a crimson-colored carpet. It operated until 1967.

Mary Ellen Strieter is pictured here in her World War II Army Corps uniform. She served as a Corporal from 1941 through 1944 and was an Ammunitions Specialist. She later married Lawrence Kuta. She was the daughter of Adolph Strieter and Ethel Kiff.

This residence on Johnson Road was the home of Lucius T. Harding and his family and was known as “Lake View Place.” (Note people on the porch.) Harding, after serving in the Civil War, purchased 200 acres on the north and south sides of Johnson Road and along the western shore of Pine Lake. He developed the Pine Lake Assembly Grounds, a popular summer resort; was owner of the Pine Lake Assembly Hotel, and operated steamboats on Pine Lake.

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  1. gary

    Dec 31. 2020

    not sure if this is the same house as what was later known as a hotel and post office, it was moved from the bluff side to the other side of holton road. only wto stories are left to it but its still there.

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