New phone scam involves sex offender registry


The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office is alerting citizens of a telephone scam that has surfaced this week involving the Sex and Violent Offender Registry.

Registered sex offenders have been receiving unsolicited calls from a person claiming to be “Sergeant Novak,” an employee of the sheriff’s office. The scammer alleges that a new DNA sample needs to be collected from the offender for the amount of $1,000. The scam artist then provides specific instructions to the offender relating to the purchase and transfer of prepaid money cards.

The real administrators of the registry do not collect any fees relating to the collection of DNA samples. Furthermore, the sheriff’s office does not employ a “Sergeant Novak.”

For more information related to the offender registry, visit  Specific questions regarding the registry may be directed to Lisa Harlow, registry coordinator, at (219) 326-7700, ext. 2320, or Detective Gabriel Struss at ext. 2443.

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  1. Fac Speaks

    Jan 04. 2021

    Thank you for caring enough to warn registrants of this scam. Unfortunately, in Florida, law enforcement does not consider such scams a priority. The La Porte County Sheriff’s Office is to be commended for protecting all of its citizens.

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