Great Shots: 2021 comes in like a New Year’s cocktail: on ice


These crabapples could break a tooth. (Wellinski photo)

By WNLP’s Bob Wellinski and our readers 

If you can stay inside, you’re fortunate. If you can stay inside a house with power and without a tree lying on it, you’re very fortunate. But a few crazy – um, we mean, adventurous – people did go out to get Great Shots of brand new 2021 all wrapped up in a shiny coating. Here you go:

Andrea Renner-Miller and her husband Joe took a midnight stroll Thursday/Friday and she took the above and below shots (in color but they look black and white) at Stone Lake. The sky was so thick with clouds and icy rain that areas that had lights took on an ethereal glow.

Kathy Chroback noticed something weird – the icicles on the lower power line are facing up! It apparently flipped over from the weight of the ice.

Donna Maglio took this photo of Southmoor Road lined with droopy and downed trees and branches.

Cindi Boardman took the above and below photos of landscape lights with “lacy” borders and a Christmas tree illuminating a larger tree hanging heavy with ice.

Andrea Renner-Miller took this shot of Christmas lights glowing through all the precipitation.

Ice “drips” from the branches of a peach tree. (Wellinski)

This statue of a firefighter outside the Center Township Fire and Rescue station could really use a Kleenex. (Wellinski)

Not an easy order to follow on the slick roads. (Wellinski)

It’ll take the best of scrapers and a lot of elbow grease to clear this car’s windows. (Wellinski)


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  1. Lynn Ellen Lisarelli

    Jan 02. 2021

    Wow, such beautiful pictures! Yes, that was some storm.

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