Moments in time … in photographs


Courtesy of La Porte County Historical Society Museum

The second post office in La Porte was located at the northwest corner of Michigan and Jefferson avenues. The first post office was the home of George Thomas, the first Postmaster. The second post office was established in 1865 or 1871, and remained there until 1912 when a new structure was built for it at the southeast corner of the same intersection. That building is now La Porte City Hall.

The Odd Fellows Hall, shown here in the1890s, was built in 1889. Occupying the ground floor were Kerr & Hunter, Grocers, and Fields Jeweler. The building still stands at 717 Michigan Ave.

A young William A. Jones is pictured here. Jones, a wealthy industrialist from Chicago, built his summer home in La Porte, the current Arbor Hill Inn on Johnson Road. Jones traveled the world amassing his gun collection, which is housed at the La Porte County Historical Society Museum. He was a personal friend and hunting partner of President Teddy Roosevelt.

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    Jan 06. 2021

    Great history lesson as usual. Thank you.
    Mr. Jones’s collection of guns in the LP Museum is outstanding.
    Are those ballots under the table in that post office picture? Lol. Crazy times we live in.

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  2. lawman

    Jan 06. 2021

    yes-the gun collection is awesome. i have been to see it many times. did not know. Mr Jones was personal friend of TR! maybe some new stories there instead of the belle gunness stuff all the time 🙂

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  3. Mike K

    Jan 06. 2021

    Mr. Jones wasn’t the only local friend of TR … one of the Rumely family was said to be friends and I believe that is how Camp Roosevelt came to be at what was later St. Joseph’s Novitiate, turned LeMans Academy. I think, through the cobwebs, I recall a story about TR staying in the Rumely home at some point, perhaps not when he was President.

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