2 MCPD officers commended for saving man with saw injury


Press release from MCPD

Officer Victor Sanchez

The Michigan City Police Department presented awards to Officers Victor Sanchez and Dylan Travis for the actions they took during a recent call for service.

Officer Dylan Travis

Travis and Sanchez responded to a call on Dec. 5, 2020, at about 2:14 p.m. for a person who accidently cut himself with a circular saw. The officers found the victim severely bleeding from a deep cut to his body. Direct pressure was applied to the victim’s wound, but did not help control the bleeding. 

Sanchez quickly applied a tourniquet on the victim, which controlled the bleeding until the La Porte County EMS arrived to provide further care. Travis was able to calm and assist others who were at the scene.

The victim was eventually transported to the hospital. He may have not been able to survive without the quick actions of Officers Sanchez and Travis. Sanchez received a Life Saving Award and Travis received a Letter of Commendation for their actions. 

Thank you, Officers Sanchez and Travis, for your service and everything you do for this community each and every day!

4 Responses to “2 MCPD officers commended for saving man with saw injury”

  1. Jeff Barnard

    Jan 08. 2021

    This was just another day in the life of some of our county’s amazing police officers.
    I am so proud of these two men.
    Great job!

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  2. frank

    Jan 08. 2021

    thank you officers from all of us.

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  3. Thank you

    Jan 09. 2021

    Police Officers take an oath to protect and serve. They don’t do the job for the money because frankly they are grossly underpaid. They do their job no matter what…the good…the bad…and the ugly.

    For all the peoe who say such horrible negative things about cops please read this article and realize that in your time of need those officers will be there to help.

    To the officers thank you for all you do. You are a far better person than i.

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  4. Jeff Bridegroom

    Jan 09. 2021

    I am proud to be business owner in Michigan City knowing we have one of the finest Police and Fire departments in Northwest Indiana.
    Thank you Mayor Parry for your commitment to our city.

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