Kellems on the vaccine: piece of cake!


Kellems says, “I’m looking away not to avoid seeing the shot, but to smile for the camera!” Sure, Mike, sure!

Story and photo by WNLP’s Mike Kellems

I thought it would be good to share my experience getting the COVID-19 vaccine shot with the loyal readers of WNLP. 

As a certified police officer I received my invitation to sign up for the vaccine from Doug Carter, superintendent of the Indiana State Police. The letter came last week with a link to the Indiana Department of Health. Apparently the problems with the site hadn’t cropped up yet as within a few minutes, I was able to sign up and schedule an appointment. This in itself is reassuring for the simple fact that I typically don’t have good luck on the computer. I was plugged in and quickly received confirmation of my appointment for Wednesday, Jan. 13, at 12:40 p.m. 

I arrived at Franciscan Health at the appointed time, had my temperature checked at the door and my appointment confirmed. I was escorted to a screened-off area where a wonderful young nurse, Melissa Edson, was waiting for me with a smile. She dutifully explained the process and confirmed that other than pain, I have no existing allergies. 

I explained my affiliation with WNLP to Melissa and asked her for permission to take a “selfie,” which she readily agreed to. I offered my left arm, and the needle, which I did not feel, went in and I was done. I was asked to wait in the nearby hallway so I could be monitored for any symptoms of a reaction and by 1:05 p.m. I was on my way home. 

I’m writing this roughly four hours after the shot and so far, so good!

Most people I know who have received the vaccine have complained of a minor headache and a sore arm, so I’m expecting that. But I’ve put up with Bob Wellinski since the 4th grade, so I’m sorta used to dull headaches.

Now, please know that I’m not a really happy vaccine kind of guy. But the tipping point for me was that I had no side effects from the previous vaccines I’ve taken for polio, influenza, MMR and hepatitis. All in all, this was a very good experience. The staff at Franciscan could not be friendlier, Nurse Melissa could not have been more professional and the ease with which I was able to sign up could not have gone better. 

In the coming days and weeks more opportunities will become available and, hopefully, the signup problems for others will be remedied. I would encourage everyone to explore your options to take the vaccine in hopes of putting this deadly virus to rest once and for all. 

5 Responses to “Kellems on the vaccine: piece of cake!”

  1. Ron Brauer

    Jan 15. 2021

    Thanks for sharing your experience. Sadly, the web-site had its hiccups, and hopefully that has been worked out.
    I did get a chuckle from your impression of your nurse who greeted you with a smile. If she was wearing her mask, how could you tell? (Oh, probably by the light in her eyes!)

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  2. The Independent

    Jan 15. 2021

    I thought about getting it worried about side effects. let us know if any.

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    • Mike Kellems

      Jan 16. 2021

      Indy… I’m glad you asked about side effects. I’ll gladly share mine… as I was going to bed that night, the area of my arm where the shot was became sore; nothing too bad and a lot like I was punched in the arm. I did not sleep well and was pretty restless all night with what felt like the chills.

      When I woke up Thursday I was achy and sore but nothing profound. I also had a “foggy” feeling that passed by noon. I have not had any issues or symptoms since and feel normal. I’ve heard from others that have experienced nearly identical symptoms.

      Given the ease with which I was able to sign up, I’m surprised at the difficulty many are having. As this has never been done before and there are many agencies and levels of government involved in the process, I’m confident that as the bugs get worked out of the system, everyone that wants the vaccine will be able to receive it.

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    • ILUVLP

      Jan 17. 2021

      Did you get the Phizer or Moderna vaccine?

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  3. Frank Zolvinski

    Jan 18. 2021

    I got the Pfizer shot 2 weeks ago and had no side effects I didn’t even feel the needle go into my arm. I felt fine that day and the day after. I get my booster next week. I encourage everyone to take the vaccine.

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