Moments in Time … in photographs


Courtesy of La Porte County Historical Society Museum

The original Elston School, Michigan City, at the northwest corner of Pine and 4th, is featured on this postcard from the early 1900s. It was built in the 1860s on a lot donated by Michigan City founder Major Isaac C. Elston.

An early hotel on Sheridan Beach is pictured on this postcard. It may have been the Shamut Hotel, no longer standing, which was built on the side of a dune. Michigan City businessman O.S. Glidden built the Shamut Hotel, one of the earliest beach resorts, during the 1910s to attract tourists to the beach and encourage them to invest in beach property.

A photograph of this rugged-looking fellow, L. Kadow, was presented to a friend on May 20, 1897.

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  1. lawman

    Jan 24. 2021

    i have never heard of anything on that unique hotel!! wonder why it hasnt had more coverage? I guess no one is for sure what it is. some other info please.

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