Young La Porte tool business awarded for sales


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City Electric Supply (CES) La Porte has been open for less than a year, but it stole the show — and a championship belt — during the annual Klein Tools Blitz competition. Each year, the manufacturing company hosts a Klein Tools Sales Blitz Day. CES branches in Wisconsin, Chicago West, Chicago, and northern Indiana compete for the title of top-selling store. This year, CES La Porte walked away with the win.

“We were really surprised to see the turnout,” said CES La Porte Branch Manager Brian Vergin. “I’m really proud to see that the way we approached it paid off. We made phone calls, we made sales calls, we sent emails. We did everything we could to get the word out.”

Not only was the branch new, but it also had to compete with CES branches across four districts.

“We did have a lot working for us,” said Vergin. “Klein Tools wasn’t sold by supply houses in the area, so when we opened up, customers got really excited. Klein Tools was coming back, and we had a really good deal on all their tools to help kick it off.”

In addition to the 20-percent-off discount on all Klein Tools products and even better pricing on the day of the event, the branch was committed to doing everything they could to promote the special event.

“A lot of branches they went up against have been around for 15 years,” Northern Indiana District Manager Jeff Williamson said. “CES La Porte hadn’t even been around for 15 months.”

The annual Klein Tools Blitz competition also gave Vergin the opportunity to learn about his team, which he has learned handles anything and doesn’t back down from a challenge.

“On regular days, we’re one of the busiest counters,” he said. “But all day long, we had customers in and out of the branch. I’ve worked counter sales in this area for 20 years and I’ve never seen counter traffic like this.”

The team even got some recognition from CES Northern Indiana District Manager Jeff Williamson.

“First off, I’m most proud of CES La Porte for creating so much business in their first year,” Williamson said. “They didn’t just have an awesome Klein Tools Blitz; they had an awesome year. It’s a testament to their attitude, work ethic and culture. They stepped in and started working as a team and with other branches. They’re becoming a big part of our growth out here.”

Reps for Klein Tools and Milwaukee Tool have said that they’ve had some of their best, most exciting counter days with CES La Porte.

“The branch puts in a lot of effort in their tool sales, and it shows,” Williamson said. “The biggest thing about these Klein Blitz Days is building our partnerships with vendors and relationships with customers. CES La Porte was on board from day one.”

CES is a family-owned electrical wholesale distributor headquartered in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1951 by Tom Mackie in the United Kingdom and expanded to the United States in 1983. Today, CES employs more than 3,000 people in over 500 branches across the U.S. CES is dedicated to providing personalized service and support for customers in the residential, commercial and industrial marketplace. While CES is a large company, it prides itself in keeping its founding principle of empowering people to make local business decisions by providing customers tailored services for all their electric supply needs.

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    Congrats! Obviously Brian Vergin knows a bit about team building and support!

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