Plans moving forward for Michigan City lakefront condominiums


An artist’s rendering of the planned condominiums.

The plan for Washington Landing Condominiums in Michigan City is moving forward, according to the Economic Development Corporation of Michigan City. The six-story structure will contain 55 units and will stand on the site of a former Amtrak station north of U.S. 12, just west of Franklin Street.

The estimated cost of two-bedroom units is between $400,000 and $450,000 each and the cost of three-bedroom units is estimated at $500,000 to $550,000. The units would be above the main level, which would be used for retail, a restaurant, and parking.

The $20 million project will be funded with tax increment financing (TIF) dollars. The TIF funds and additional funds from the developer would go toward the 25-year financing of the project. However, only the developer would be responsible for making the payments and there will be no risk to the city, the EDCMC stated.

There is not yet a starting date for construction.

4 Responses to “Plans moving forward for Michigan City lakefront condominiums”

  1. J B

    Feb 23. 2021

    Just what City needs … More overpriced small format housing to bring in FIPS that congest and drive up cost of living here. Stop peddling our shorelines to the wealthy.

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    • David Shore

      Feb 24. 2021

      This is terrible, do the people that ACTUALLY live here even get a say in this sort of thing.

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    • J S

      Feb 26. 2021

      Most of the residents of Michigan City can’t afford to pay rent. So, what’s the priority of the development group, pandering to people that can pay half of a million dollars for lake front condos. No affordable housing, no economic incentive packages for manufacturing and less hope for residents to have a life they can actually enjoy. Great job looking out for the developers and their investors, I’m sure they’ll enjoy their time looking down on the people from their luxury 6th floor condos.

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  2. Mona

    Feb 25. 2021

    Why??…Just Why?? We need affordable housing for people here in Michigan City. With the double track coming in to change our town we need more houses people can afford. With the salary of jobs in this area ,who is buying/renting those newly built condos? The lake has enough housing around it. Think of the people that live here..that plan to stay here !!

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