Donations enable Center Township VFD’s acquisition of new lifesaving equipment


Members of the Center Township Volunteer Fire Department crew with the new lifesaving equipment.

Kevin Jerndt and Brandon Davie check out the equipment.

Information and photos from Center Township VFD

The Center Township Volunteer Fire Department is proud to announce the recent acquisition of a LUCAS 3 chest compression system for the residents and guests of rural Center Township. Lisa  Pierzakowski, Center Township trustee, and the Center Township Volunteer Fire Department, Inc., are pleased to add this device to its critical-care lifesaving equipment to be used by the department’s dedicated first responder members. 

The LUCAS 3 device is designed to improve the CPR quality given by first responders in the event of a medical emergency. Additional features of the LUCAS 3 device will help with first-responder fatigue, eliminate individual variations to high-quality CPR, and improve safety for the first  responders by decreasing the need for more direct contact with the patient requiring CPR.

First  responder medical assistance has become an increasingly important function of the services provided by the volunteer fire department.  

The Center Township VFD, Inc., would also like to extend its appreciation to the generous contributions made to its annual fundraising drive. Initiatives such as the annual drive are an integral part of joint efforts to supply the highest level of emergency services to the residents and guests of Center Township.

For more information on Center Township VFD, visit Center Township Fire Rescue | Facebook.

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