Kesling Student Council gathers funds, food for Salvation Army pantry


Treasurer Christian.

President Hollie.

Vice President Owen.

Secretary Avery (crouching) and helper Brianna.

Photos and story submitted by Cindy Ault
The Kesling Intermediate School Student Council recently organized a food drive for the Salvation Army Food Pantry. Council members thought it would be a “soup-er” idea leading up to the Super Bowl.  The weather, along with COVID-19 guidelines, were against us, so the drive was extended to give students time to bring in items.

The council also voted to take money they made in the concession stand this year to purchase items at Al’s in La Porte to help with the drive. As they shopped, they had calculators and paper and pencil to keep track of their spending. Each of the four officers was given $125 ($500 total) to spend on items that they thought would be the most beneficial to families who needed food from the pantry.

Prizes were given to the homeroom class and teacher who raised the most items in both the fifth and sixth grades. “Soup-er”winner in the 5th grade were Mrs. Owen’s class and the “Soup-er” winner in 6th grade was Mrs. Miller’s class.

In all, almost 2,000 items were delivered to the Salvation Army!  It turned out to be a “soup-er” idea after all!

The KIS Student Council sponsor is Mrs. Ault and she is extremely proud of the decisions the council made on this project and how much the students in the school helped bring in items. It shows what a great community and caring individuals we have in our area.

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  1. Kathy Daniels

    Mar 01. 2021

    Shout out to Mrs Ault and the KIS Student Council and all the kids who donated!

    Kathy Daniels

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  2. Tim King

    Mar 02. 2021

    Once again, the Kesling Middle School Student Council and Mrs. Ault are amazing!

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