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Press release and photos from Center for Creative Solutions
Here’s a riddle for you. When is a mistake a success? When is the wrong answer the right one? When is safe unsafe? When are too many questions not enough?
Intuitive K-12 innovators know the answers. The La Porte-based Center for Creative Solutions is now looking for those students. The area non-profit will honor them for their innovative projects or products. They will receive community recognition and a monetary prize.
The winners will be announced during northwest Indiana’s World Creativity and Innovation Week, April 15-21, 2021. This year’s theme is “2021, Year of the Creative Economy.”
“We know the DNA of inventors. They are curious, risk takers, passionate, open-minded, persevering, playful, questioning, independent, experimental, self-aware, flexible, original, intuitive, sensitive and status quo, and rule challengers,” said Cynthia Hedge, CEO of the center.
Unfortunately, social pressures rob many children of their innate desire to create. Studies show that creative thinking rises steadily until about fifth grade. At about sixth grade, levels of creativity drop dramatically, Hedge noted.

“We often hear adults lament, ‘I’m not creative.’ They compare their creativity to that of children. Yet, they fail to see the connection between their ability to innovate with that of youngsters. At the center, we teach that everyone can and does solve problems every day, to one degree or another and in one way or another. We help people tap into the creativity they suppressed but were born with.”

Anyone may nominate a young innovator, Hedge said. The project or product can be anything deemed new and useful. It might be a video, song, device, recipe, community project, story, computer program, an electronic, woodwork, sewing or animal project, solution to a mathematical or engineering problem, or art, to name a few.
As they evaluate nominations, judges will want to know three things, according to Pat Lain, president of the center. These include:
• The inspiration behind the project or product. What inspired the innovator to start?
• The inventor’s process. How did it begin? What steps were taken during the process of innovating? Were there surprises? What problems were overcome? How were the problems overcome?
• The end result. “Remember, the important part is what was learned and what can be applied to the next innovation. Success is not necessarily a multimillion-dollar product or world-changing idea,” Lain said.
The nomination form may be obtained at or by contacting the center at or 219-326-7259. The deadline is March 29, 2021.
Sponsors for World Creativity and Innovation Week are the Center for Creative Solutions and WIMS Radio. Community partners include the Society of Innovators at Purdue Northwest, La Porte County Public Library and the Lubeznik Center for the Arts.

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