Will Sing 4 Food 2021 raises $10,000+ for Pax Center


From left: Craig Oscarson (co-producer at Will Sing 4), Jason Clemons and Nate Loucks of The Pax Center, and Tim Gartland (co-producer at Will Sing 4).

Will Sing 4 Food went 100% virtual March 5, in the process raising just over $10,000 for The Pax  Center of LaPorte.  

In the event streamed to Facebook and YouTube, eight local artists competed in a friendly  competition to see who could raise the most money for The Pax Center, which provides free food and more for those in need. Each group pre-recorded  2 songs to allow for proper social distancing. In Round One, the first song was played and viewers  donated online or via pledge to get their favorite artist to the 2nd round.  

Bret and Kyle Oscarson. crowned the winners by raising the most money for The Pax Center.

Taking home the top honors by raising the most money were Kyle and Bret Oscarson, followed by  the second-place duo of Norah and Natalie Gartland. Tallying the final donations, the Oscarson  twins edged the Gartland girls by $10! Coming in third place were The Daves, consisting of Dave  Farris and Dave Pratt. They were joined in their first song by singer Erin Conlin. Other  participating artists included The Robbie Britton Band, Blue Sky Music, Audrey Marsh, James  Neary and Zachariah Kirkham.  

Will Sing 4 is already busy planning its next event. What non-profit in LaPorte  County do you think they should Sing 4 next? Email willsing4@yahoo.com. Tell them about your  organization and the support it provides in the community and how you would benefit  from the proceeds.  

Learn more about Will Sing at Will Sing 4 | Facebook. Learn more about the Pax Center at The Pax Center | Facebook.

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  1. Chucka

    Mar 18. 2021

    Absolutely wonderful way to entertain people and help a community non=profit! Thanks for your effort!

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