Broadband provider investing $11 million to build fiber networks in La Porte areas


City and Surf Broadband officials gather March 31. (Photo from City of La Porte Facebook page)

Surf Broadband Solutions has announced that it is spending $6 million to build a fiber network to 3,700 homes south of downtown La Porte, and will next spend an additional $5 million to build in northwestern La Porte.

Officials from Surf Broadband and the City of La Porte gathered March 31 for a groundbreaking on the project.

A press release from the company states that it’s working to build a “gig city” for fiber optic internet to homes. With the same upload and download speeds that it states cable providers cannot provide, Surf Broadband offers $65 a month for 1Gig (1000 mbps) with no data caps and no contracts.

“This partnership with Surf Broadband Solutions puts La Porte in the company of the most elite broadband cities in the U.S.,” Mayor Tom Dermody said.

Surf Broadband is working to switch from outdated traditional internet services to direct fiber internet to homes. Fiber to the home gives customers the same upload and download speeds that cable providers cannot provide, according to the company.

Key differentiators from cable providers are:

— no data caps or overages: With the need for remote work and school, many households are likely to use more data. Other providers have become more strict and are charging for overages.

— No contracts:  Surf Broadband does not lock customers into a contract like other providers do.

Whole-Home WiFi is also a key benefit, according to the company.

Surf Broadband Solutions has been a broadband provider in northwest Indiana, northeast Illinois and southwest Michigan since 2010. Its mission is to provide the greatest number of people with the best possible access to the internet. Offices are located in La Porte; Coal City, Ill.; Elkhart, Ind.; Byron Center, Mich.; and Rock Falls, Ill.

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11 Responses to “Broadband provider investing $11 million to build fiber networks in La Porte areas”

  1. Felicia

    Apr 02. 2021

    This is fantastic news I can’t wait too dump Comcast like a bad habit

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    • Lily's Momma

      Apr 02. 2021

      You and me too, sister. Comcrap keeps jacking up the price for their services and it’s getting ridiculous.

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      • Rob

        Apr 02. 2021

        Bye Bye Comcast

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        • Jeff

          Apr 02. 2021

          Someone needs to make sure they clean up Their messes and reseed where they dig. Looks like they’re just gonna leave mud all over the side walks and move on after two weeks this should already be cleaned up. This shouldn’t be aloud by any of these utility contractors. Also who ever calls in locates needs to pull the flags when there done or if they are expired.

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        • T

          Apr 02. 2021

          It would be nice to get this in the northeast part of the county where satellite internet is the only option.

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          • Gtrayn

            Apr 03. 2021

            Yep don’t leave northeast county out!

          • salesbetty2

            Jul 26. 2021

            Will it have tv services? What are they thinks about cost? I’m about had it with Comcast

  2. Shannon

    Apr 02. 2021

    I pay a lot for my surf air use to get unlimited otherwise, they charge for overages I’ve been waiting for cable to be available in my area for 17 years…. still waiting…..

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  3. Dan

    Apr 03. 2021

    Was this project the cause of the gas leak last week?

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  4. Mike

    Apr 04. 2021

    Yes clean up the messes they are leaving behind! Surf air wireless are these messes going to be cleaned up or just assuming its the homeowners responsibility?

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  5. Spencer England

    May 04. 2021

    They just finished up a two week long install in our area. My home was just remodeled and looked great from the street. Now there is a large orange pole literally on the corner in front of our house. It totally ruins the view of the house from the road. I have ask them to remove the pole. Let’s see what happens.

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