Speeding driver arrested after pot, 2 guns found in car



A South Bend man was arrested April 2 after a La Porte County sheriff’s deputy found two guns and drugs in his car.

Delmonte Campbell, 31, was stopped at about 2:30 p.m. in a parking lot off U.S. 20 at CR-400E for a traffic infraction and speeding, according to a sheriff’s office report.

As Campbell got out of his car at the deputy’s request, he tossed something to the passenger side floor of the car. The front seat passenger then got out and began walking toward a trash can.  She was ordered not to discard any items and Campbell was taken into custody.

As a second deputy arrived, the first deputy found a loaded pistol magazine on the driver’s side floorboard and a pistol between the passenger side and the center console.  The loaded weapon identified as a Czech Republic (CZ) P-10 C. On the driver’s side of the console, a loaded 9mm magazine was located. Underneath a shirt on the front seat passenger floorboard, a pink and black pistol was recovered. The pistol, a SCCY CPX-2, was loaded with an extended 30-round magazine. Also found in the car were a significant amount of marijuana and drug paraphernalia.

In addition, deputies learned that Campbell was wanted on three outstanding arrest warrants out of St. Joseph County.

Campbell was transported to the La Porte County Jail and charged with Carrying a Handgun without a License, Prior Conviction (Level 5 Felony), and Dealing in Marijuana, Prior Conviction (Level 6 Felony).  He was being held without bond. He was also issued traffic citations for Failure to Signal, Following Too Closely and Speeding.

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  1. Student

    Apr 05. 2021

    3 outstanding warrants? Check. Pistol? Check. Weed? Check. Extended 30-round magazine? Check. Drug paraphernalia? Check. Obey all traffic laws as to not draw attention to ourselves? Nah. Lets speed, follow too close and fail to signal. Worst (alleged) criminal ever.

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  2. G.Gottio

    Apr 05. 2021

    Good get this Thug off the road…Lock em u for good..

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