Great Shots: Spring blossoms … the Wellinski way


A busy bumblebee visits apricot tree blossoms.

Raindrops cling to a flowering shrub.

Daffodils reach to the sky.

Photos (above and below) and story of obsession by WNLP’s Bob Wellinski
Passion? Obsession? Or addiction? What started off as three fruit trees (apple, peach and pear) six years ago has evolved into 30 fruit trees, with five more on the way, dotting my front yard. I won’t mention the 20-plus blueberry bushes.

A green gage plum blossom.

There’s something special about fruit trees that can add uniqueness to a home’s landscape –but maybe not to my extreme. Apples, peaches, sweet cherry, tart cherry, apricot, Bartlett pear, Asian pear, and thanks to my buddy Beth Boardman, green gage plum (which took me two years of searching to find a nursery that sells them), create an area of year round serenity. This is especially true in the spring as the trees’ blossom burst open with life and color. Unlike most deciduous trees, as each fruit tree is pruned, they seek to take on their own “personality.”

My passion for flowers and gardening can be traced back to growing up next to Thode’s greenhouses on Garden Street. It seemed like I was always on the heels of Mr. (Carl) Thode. Hanging out with him in the greenhouses, with that distinct greenhouse smell, watching him plant potted geraniums and petunias (eventually letting me help as well). He’d always have the Cubs game on the radio and would always have a cold Sunset Red Cream Soda ready. In wintertime it was the smell of pine from the bales of fresh cut pine branches for grave blankets.
There are so many memories and stories I’ll share another time. I can’t thank the Thode family enough for letting me be a part of their family all these years.
Back to the fruit trees and the original three, which left me a tree or two short of a complete row. In attempt to have a finished row, I needed to buy two trees, but I couldn’t narrow it down from four trees. So I bought the four, which left that next row short of a few trees. Needless to say, that process continued across the front yard to where I am now.
My friend Kevin Rosenbaum from Rosenbaum’s Nursery (where most of the trees came from) joked how he wouldn’t let me shop there unless I had a permission slip from my wife because he didn’t want to get in trouble. But each year as springtime arrives and I take my daily walk through the rows, enjoying how each tree comes to life from its winter dormancy and gets ready for another year of growth, I anticipate what the harvest may be. I admit I’m still in the learning stages of pruning and spraying these trees. I have a greatest appreciation for orchards like Garwood’s and what they do every year on a much larger scale.
Here are a few photos taken the past couple of days of springtime trees and flowers.
(WNLP editor’s note: A green gage plum is also blooming in that Boardman buddy’s yard, courtesy of Wellinski.)

Apricot blooms against a bright blue sky.

A cluster of SnowSweet apple blossoms starting to emerge.

Maple leaves starting to pop open.

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  1. Mac-n-Cheese

    Apr 13. 2021

    I doff my cap, Sir! Fantastic colors and phenomenal pictures!

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    Apr 13. 2021

    Absolutely beautiful ! Thanks !

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    Apr 13. 2021

    Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this uplifting Article with us.

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