Great Shots: birds of different feathers


One of the enjoyments of spring is seeing and hearing the many species of birds, large and small, as they work to find mates and build nests. Our WNLP readers and our Bob Wellinski have captured some of those species in action. If you have a Great Shot to share, email it as a .jpeg to with the photographer’s name and some information about the photo.

“Should I be worried?” Wellinski asks. “Coming back from Terre Haute I felt like I was being watched by these turkey vultures.”

Rev. Ron Brauer wrote: “I was called up from the basement by my wife, who saw this bird at our cake feeder. Turns out he is a red-bellied woodpecker, named so for the very small patch of reddish feathers on his belly. He must have spent 2 minutes pecking at the feeder, sending all kinds of seed to the ground, but he got his dinner in fine shape!”

Timothy Cavinder wrote: “A sure sign of spring on a rainy day. I saw this new family (of Canada geese) on Clear Lake.”

Wellinski wrote: “We’ve heard of the cartoon character Bob the Builder, but here’s Bird the Builder! With nest-building materials in its beak, this sparrow pauses on the branch of a maple tree outside St. Joseph Church before heading to its building site.”

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