LCSO musician highlight: JoFran Bendix

JoFran Bendix preparing to perform at the New Buffalo Fourth of July concert in 2019.

Finishing her 48th year as Principal Horn for the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra, JoFran Bendix is the only charter member of the orchestra.

Raised in La Porte with the musical influences of the late Ed Soetje, William Wagner, Guy Foreman and Eddie Burke, JoFran is also a long-time member of the Michigan City Municipal Band. In addition to her musical background, JoFran holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Arts degrees in Art Education, and was an art teacher in the Michigan City Schools for many years. In her visual art, she focuses in the medium of fiber, having had commissions and clients throughout the area creating tapestries and other types of art work.

JoAnn is married to Garry; JoFran’s son, Christopher, also performs with the LCSO on double bass and electric bass guitar.

JoFran’s talents go beyond music; here is a sample of her fiber artwork.

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3 Responses to “LCSO musician highlight: JoFran Bendix”

  1. Karen Martin

    Apr 30. 2021

    Congratulations on all your years with LPCSO! Many more to come…..

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  2. Alan H Zeller

    Apr 30. 2021

    Jo Fran is another of the fine horn players from LPHS. Congratulations! And the mention of Guy Foreman still brings a smile.

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  3. Miranda Dungan

    May 01. 2021

    I miss those days of our quartet and wish I had kept up with my horn playing. Maybe next year I will make it to Indian but this year is not ago due to the breputed midwestern spikes in Covid and the threat here of a rigorous hurricane prediction for summer. Your fiber having is amazing. I am limited to quilting and loving working with color. Hope we do get together some day before too long. If you ever want to come to the coast, I have extra bedrooms available and the beach is 10 minutes away, Randy

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