21 cats left at Michiana Humane Society overnight


Press release from Michiana Humane Society
Over Saturday night, May 1, someone left four cages containing 21 cats at the Michiana Humane Society in Michigan City. The shelter is reaching out to its rescue partners in the area to attempt to transfer some of them due to lack of cage space. All the cats are being vaccinated and are having health evaluations Sunday morning.
The person who surrendered the cats left a note saying that they had run out of options due to failing health and loss of their home. The note includes descriptions of all the cats.It continues to say “I am surrendering them to you, where I know they have a fighting chance.”
MHS Executive Director Johanna Humbert said, “we feel terrible for a person who became so desperate as to need to abandon their beloved pets in the middle of the night. We want them to know there is no shame in admitting you need help. And we are glad that we will be able to provide these cats with good care and eventually adopt them into homes where they will get their second chances.”
For more information such as contact information, shelter hours and to donate, visit MichianaPets.org.

3 Responses to “21 cats left at Michiana Humane Society overnight”

  1. Christa Eaglebarger

    May 03. 2021

    This is so sad. I am glad they are safe now

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  2. Lynn Lisarelli

    May 03. 2021

    Yes, Christa, they are in far better hands now. Hopefully they will all find good homes.

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  3. John2

    May 03. 2021

    The owner loved them enough to let go-hard choice! Good for them!

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