Great Shots: What the heck kind of bird is that? Denise Pruden found out


“I was taking photographs of colorful spring birds in Coolspring Township when I noticed this bird,” Denise Pruden wrote to WNLP. “I didn’t know what it was, so I sent the photos to Allisyn-Marie Gillet, a state ornithologist with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. She was very kind and quickly responded. According to Gillet, this is an immature male summer tanager. She said, ‘When males are molting into their bright red adult feathers, they will have patches of bright red intermixed with the dull yellow of their immature feathers.’ She also sent me this link: Summer Tanager Identification. Spring is such a wonderful time of year to view birds.” Send your Great Shot(s) to along with the photographer’s name and some information about the photo(s).

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  1. Ron Brauer

    May 03. 2021

    Great shots! These birds move quickly and don’t often stay long enough for a proper pose. Thanks also for the identification. I wonder how many different kinds of birds beyond the Blue Jays, Cardinals, Sparrows, Robins, and House Finches we see. Thanks for sharing!

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