With birth of twins, Shoffner family celebrates 5 generations


Brody Shoffner wrote to WNLP: “With the birth of my twins on March 21, 2021, there are now five generations alive in the Shoffner family. From top left to top right are Richard Shoffner, 91, of Hamlet; Glen Shoffner, 77, of Lebanon, Tenn.; Ben Shoffner, 49, of La Porte, and baby Jack Shoffner. Bottom left to right are Brody Shoffner, 26, of La Porte, baby Natalie Shoffner, and Brayden Shoffner, 17, of La Porte. Richard is the uncle of Glen, Glen is the father of Ben, Ben is the father of Brayden and Brody, and Brody is the father of Jack and Natalie.”

3 Responses to “With birth of twins, Shoffner family celebrates 5 generations”

  1. Tracy

    May 05. 2021

    What a blessing!

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  2. Myrna

    May 05. 2021

    A worthwhile project which will remind many of days past.

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  3. Minnie thorndyke

    May 06. 2021

    I am an aunt.
    Would love to come see them.
    Congratulations. And love to all.

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