Governor reappoints Boyd to Indiana Criminal Justice Institute


La Porte County Sheriff John Boyd

Gov. Eric Holcomb has reappoined La Porte County Sheriff John Boyd to the Board of Trustees of the Indiana Criminal Justice Institute (ICJI). This is Boyd’s third term, having first been appointed by Gov. Mike Pence in 2015 to fill an unexpired term. He was reappointed in 2016 by Holcomb and most recently reappointed to serve through 2024.

Boyd is one of 18 board members who oversee the annual distribution of about $93 million in federal money that is sent to the State of Indiana. The ICJI is designated as the state’s administering agency for the distribution of these federal funds.

In addition, the ICJI acts as the state’s statistical analysis center for research, responsible for coordinating and collaborating with state, local and federal entities to identify, assess, plan and evaluate new and emerging issues facing the criminal justice and public safety arenas. The board also works with these entities to evaluate programs associated with prevention, detection and solution of crimes, law enforcement and criminal and juvenile justice to improve and coordinate all aspects of law enforcement and justice programs. It works to develop new methods for the prevention and reduction of crime while stimulating research and compiling and analyzing information and data for dissemination to decision-makers.

The Criminal Justice Institute consists of several divisions: Behavioral Health, Drug and Crime Control, Research, Traffic Safety, Victim Compensation, and Victim Services. Boyd currently serves on subcommittees that oversee Victim Services and Victim Compensation.

“It is a pleasure to serve on this board as we are providing funding to entities providing services to those in need and ensuring that new methods for the prevention and reduction in crimes are being implemented,” Boyd said in a press release. “I also appreciate that our legislature and others in position to make decisions rely on the Criminal Justice Institute to analyze and assemble information that is critical for their decision-making process. This board is comprised of experienced and forward-thinking individuals who efficiently conduct business and allocate money and resources to agencies and entities that best affect those in need.”

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  1. Jan Thornburg

    Jun 11. 2021

    Congratulations. You always do a great job with everything you take on

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