Jane Bernard Animal Adoption Center is filled with kittens; please consider adopting!


This is just a few of the young cats and kittens at the shelter right now. (Shelter photo)

A message from the Jane Bernard Animal Adoption Center:

“Cats snd kittens continue to pour into our shelter (probably all shelters). With (Tuesday’s) after-hours dropoff, we officially have no more empty cages, which creates a major problem! We know we have wonderful, generous followers who are cat lovers; we’ve witnessed your generosity time and time again. Right now, however, we are out of time. We need to find responsible homes for cats/kittens immediately! Please be a part of the solution; you won’t regret it! Check our website (Animal Shelter – LPC – La Porte County, Indiana) or come in during our business hours – weekdays from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.”

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