Eligible La Porte residents may apply for home improvement loans


The City of LaPorte’s Office of Community Development and Planning is now accepting applications for deferred-payment home improvement loans.

The loans are available through a program funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Community Development Block Grant, and are available Aug. 1-27.

The Homeowner Repair program offers a deferred-payment loan for low- and moderate-income homeowners. The loan allows homeowners to use the funds for projects such as a new roof, a new furnace, an electrical panel upgrade, and repair of leaky pipes or water and sewer lines.

This program available only to homeowners living in the corporate limits of La Porte. Rehabilitation work will take place during the summer/fall of 2022, provided that funding is available and there is no threat to public health (i.e. coronavirus).

The program provides a loan of up to $23,000 at 0% interest. Homeowners make no monthly payments. Gross annual income for all family members in a family of four must be less than $48,800. The loan is repaid if the home is sold or the title transferred or when the home is no longer the primary residence within seven years after the repair work is completed.

Gross annual income of all household members determines eligibility. Other eligibility requirements include assets limitation, sufficient home equity, sustainable monthly income, and location in a targeted neighborhood. If repair estimates exceed $23,000, the City of LaPorte may not be able to assist the homeowner.

If an applicant has previously participated in this program, future involvement in the program will not be approved.

Applications for the Homeowner Repair program are available at the CDBG Program office located on the second floor of La Porte City Hall, 801 Michigan Ave. The application may also be found on the City of LaPorte’s website: www.cityoflaporte.com. Look for Community Development Block Grant.

For more information, call the Office of Community Development and Planning at 219/362-8260.

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  1. Charles Strieter

    Jul 26. 2021

    I have water damage in my basement and need a new roof.

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