Moments in Time … in photos


Photos and information courtesy of La Porte County Historical Society

Pictured above is the La Porte First National Bank sign in 1959. First National Bank was located at the southwest corner of Lincoln Way and Michigan Avenue, the current location of PNC bank. Visible in this photo are pillars on the bank’s facade prior to its refacing in 1975. Organized in 1864, First National was the oldest bank in La Porte County.

Deluxe Restaurant/Café was located at 806 Lincoln Way across from the courthouse. Upon the remodeling of First National Bank, the 806 Lincoln Way building was incorporated into the bank building. In 1949, DeLuxe Café was owned by George Pantelis. By 1960, the restaurant was leased by Ted Lemberis.

Carter Manny, Jr. (1918-2017), here in 1939, was born in Michigan City and graduated from Harvard. He became an architect, studying under renowned architects Frank Lloyd Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer. He was involved in the design of Chicago’s O’Hare Airport and the FBI building in Washington, D.C. Manny spent his entire architectural career in Chicago. His papers are held at the Ryerson & Burnham Libraries at the Art Institute of Chicago.

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  1. Lynn E. Lisarelli

    Jul 26. 2021

    Always such interesting things!! Thank you for these old-time pictures. It is good to remember what was.

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  2. Left LaPorte

    Jul 29. 2021

    Yet another icon from the past – 1st National bank! I remember that huge sign on the corner as a kid riding my bike. Keep these treasure troves coming. Thank you.

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