Franciscan Michigan City is scanning visitors, requires masks


As the number of COVID-19 cases rises in the community, Franciscan Health Michigan City is reminding patients and visitors of restrictions in place to protect the public and hospital staff.

Franciscan Health Michigan City has instituted the following visiting precautions adapted from current CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and IHA (Indiana Hospital Association) guidelines that are being strictly enforced.

Hospitals will continue screening all visitors for COVID-19 and other communicable diseases. Those who do not pass screenings will not be permitted to enter the hospital. All visitors will be required to wear a hospital-supplied mask, practice social distancing, and practice good hand hygiene regardless of vaccination status.

“We want to stress that we welcome visitors for our patients, while making sure they are aware of the guidelines that will keep themselves, their loved ones and our staff safe,” said Jill Nygren, Franciscan Health Michigan City vice president of Clinical Support Services.

Non-COVID inpatients are limited to two visitors at a time, who may rotate. Visitors are required to wear hospital-supplied masks at all times, including while in a patient’s room.

COVID-positive or suspected COVID-positive inpatients are limited to two visitors total per day. Visitors must stop at the nurses’ station to receive instruction on personal protective equipment donning and special considerations. A mask, gown and gloves must be worn continuously.

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