More from Hoosier Star, by Wellinski


Photos by WNLP’s Bob Wellinski (click to enlarge)

On Monday WNLP featured Bob’s shots of winners of the La Porte County Symphony Orchestra’s Hoosier Star 2021 (Hoosier Star: In Youth Division, it was a family affair | What’s New LaPorte? ( Here are more photos featuring contestants and more. Enjoy!

Myah Englebrecht

Lola White

Kim Kurtis

Karen Eigenmann

Joseph Giuliani

Jayne Bartlett

Grace Phillips

Candace Archer

Afyah Giuliani

Judges James Neary, Greta Stirling Friedman and Lou Voelker

Cheering for their favorite.

The tough moment – voting!

Conductor Alastair Willis

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  1. David

    Sep 15. 2021

    This was the best Hoosier Star ever! The night was filled with excellent entertainment and an atmosphere of joy filled the air. Great show! I was so impressed by the wonderfully talented youth division. Those Giuliani kids were well deserving of their wins. Congratulations!

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