Pets remembered on a perfect evening


Message from Johanna Humbert, executive director, Michiana Humane Society

On Sept. 23, 2021, a group of about 50 people joined our staff here at  the Michiana Humane Society to recognize Remember Me Thursday. And an amazing thing happened. A rainbow appeared, stretching horizon to horizon above the shelter. The Rainbow Bridge? It’s a real thing.

Remember Me Thursday can be an incredibly moving event for people who have recently lost a beloved pet.

Some people have attended each of the eight years we have hosted our ceremony, bringing back memories of all they’ve loved. As the sun set on over 400 luminarias, each dedicated to a pet or shelter animal that has left us, we stood in respectful silence, remembering all that our pets bring to our lives — love, entertainment, companionship. Some tears were shed and smiles shared.

I hope all of our friends get a chance to attend some day. It is a lovely event.

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2 Responses to “Pets remembered on a perfect evening”

  1. Jim Schwartz

    Sep 25. 2021

    I was there. The rainbow was not a normal rainbow, it was what is known as a “supernumerary rainbow”, a rare event. I was astonished at its beauty. There was also a faint double rainbow as well.

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  2. Lynn E. Lisarelli

    Sep 25. 2021

    What a lovely thing to do, and how amazing that a rainbow appeared for all. I’d have been there, too, except that your time was too late in the day for me as I go to bed very early. Please continue your good work.

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