Political official lauds bipartisan effort to obtain voter registration van


Republicans and Democrats pose wih the new van at the fairgrounds.

Press release and photo provided

Democratic La Porte County Election Board appointee Nelson Pichardo touted what he called bipartisan cooperation over the last year and a half that led to acquisition of a mobile registration van. The van is equipped to provide access to the disabled and ensure registration opportunities at fairs, festivals and neighborhood
events throughout the county.

Pichardo credited an area publisher with contacting county officials about COVID-19 grant funds available that led to purchase of the van.

According to Pichardo, “The (nonprofit) center then informed us that we won a $67,000 grant and working closely with my fellow members of the Election Board, Republicans Heather Stevens and Chuck Watterson, we went to work acquiring and converting a slightly used mobile van for registration purposes. The van will also be used as a mobile location for early voting in 2022 and in
other election cycles.

“This is a win-win for all voters of our county – no matter their party
stripe – and it’s a great example of what can happen when county government officials work together in a bipartisan fashion as the county commissioners did over a year ago in directing my office to pursue this grant,” Pichardo said.

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  1. James D. Arnold

    Sep 28. 2021

    Excellent teamwork!

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  2. Bill Pro

    Sep 29. 2021

    The van iwas a great idea. We need to encourage people to vote and make it convenient .We don’t have to be like Texas .Good work.

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