Ignore the score – still a beautiful Homecoming night for LPHS


Photos by WNLP’s Bob Wellinski (click to enlarge)

The only spoilers at Friday’s LPHS Homecoming game were the Michigan City Wolves, who devoured the Slicers in ferocious fashion, 39-0. But the weather cooperated and the royal court shone. Zoey Loucks and Nick Shuble were crowned Homecoming queen and king. They’re pictured above with LPHS Principal Chris Alber. Enjoy Bob’s great shots of the royalty (above) and game action (below).

6 Responses to “Ignore the score – still a beautiful Homecoming night for LPHS”

  1. Bill Proud

    Oct 09. 2021

    Does anyone think the Laporte football program is going in the right direction? It’s not the players fault they deserve better coaching.. Having 79 points scored against you speaks for itself. Our school board has made a few poor decisions in the last year. Hiring this coach is one of them.

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    • Not a Slicer

      Oct 09. 2021

      Bill~ You are right in that this current board has made poor choices, decisions often fueled by personal gain or vendetta. That said, I’d say you’re wrong about the current coach.

      I do not know this coach however the poor fella is the third new coach in as many years. Each change brings new philosophies and tactics. Consistency will go a long way if allowed to develop.

      If there needs to be a change, besides board members, it may be past time that La Porte gets out of the DAC and looks to the east for its competition.

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      • lawman

        Oct 09. 2021

        we were ”east” for many many years. we went ”west ” for time zone issues among other reasons. the old NIC. not sure how a conference change is going to help whats going on here-starts at home.

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  2. G.Gottio

    Oct 09. 2021

    Yes time to clean house
    A.D needs to go ..
    Baseball Varsity needs to go…
    Now this. Football coach

    I see the light. Time for rest of board to see the light

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  3. LaPorte fan

    Oct 10. 2021

    I am a fan of coach Ortiz. Give him time to build a program that has been struggling for some time. It can’t be easy battling good teams and a pandemic and injuries on the team.

    Keep up the good work, Coach Ortiz and other coaches, too!

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  4. Dan In LP

    Oct 15. 2021

    I would also like to remind each of you of a couple things:

    1. There have been some KEY injuries, quarantines, and contact tracings that have gone on throughout the season. It is hard to play teams without your full roster.

    2. As Not a Slicer alluded to, there have been more new head coaches in the football program in the last 5 years, than in the 20 years that preceded it.

    3. It is also important to keep in mind that any coach can only play the individuals he or she has on their roster. Maybe the talent isn’t there right now. Give him at least 3 years and then reevaluate the situation.

    4. LaPorte fans were also the same people who were critical of former Coach Sharpe’s run happy offense when they went 6-1 in the DAC. In many ways, we are never content. ESPECIALLY, when we see us get beat down by MC. That may be the biggest issue of them all.

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