The Five Breath Test!

OK, entrepreneurs and business owners, here is a business analytic tool — or, as I like to say “mind model” — everyone should use in an executive summary when thinking ... Continue Reading →

So, you want to be an entrepreneur!

I am sure there are a number of WNLP readers who would like to run their own business and be their own boss. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing a number of articles from my ... Continue Reading →

A story of one of the volunteers who kept the little church going (in spite of a stubborn minister)

By Fern Eddy Schultz, La Porte County Historian During the 2019 holiday season, some were, for the first time, introduced to the Giese Chapel, which has been a holiday favorite since ... Continue Reading →

Opinion: Use 2020 as the year when you plan the rest of your life

Happy New Year and welcome to 2020. This article is the first in a series of business and personal articles for What’s New La Porte gleaned from my twenty years as a member of the ... Continue Reading →

Want something to warm up with? Mike’s photos of Deserving Children’s Shopping Tour

WNLP column and photos by Mike Kellems (Photos appear below column) Worlds collided Tuesday night, Dec. 10, 2019, in La Porte County. Young children (more than 200), firemen, ... Continue Reading →

A tale of three Fannies

By Fern Eddy Schultz, La Porte County (IN) Historian “Behind every great man there’s a great woman” has a straightforward, literal meaning. The implication behind ... Continue Reading →

USS Indianapolis WWII survivors witness the call for new vessel: “Man our ship and bring her to life!”

WNLP photos and story by Mike Kellems (scroll down for story) “It’s a great day to be a Hoosier … it’s a great day to be an American.” Those were ... Continue Reading →

66 heavy Army trucks tested out the new, nationwide Lincoln Highway in 1919

By Fern Eddy Schultz, La Porte County Historian In August 2019, a convoy of antique and modern military vehicles visited La Porte. Members of The Military Vehicle Preservation Association ... Continue Reading →

James Whitcomb Riley was a no-show in La Porte, but his name is on a school and a street here

By Fern Eddy Schultz, La Porte County Historian A traveling exhibit from the Indiana Historical Society entitled “Golden Age of Indiana Literature” is being featured at ... Continue Reading →

The imperiled political center

Opinion column by Leigh Morris, former mayor of LaPorte and former chairman of the LaPorte County Republican Party The other day, I was driving down a road that was recently repaved ... Continue Reading →