She died in 1906. They thought she was a mere 112. Turned out she was 116.

  By La Porte County Historian Bruce Johnson  In 1901, when two journalists from The La Porte Herald went to interview Mrs. Ferdinand Reese in Hudson Township in La Porte County, ... Continue Reading →

Arlene (Ahlgrim) Lighthall recalls Girl Scouting, car trips, wartime and more

  WNLP editor’s note: Here is another chapter from the memoirs of La Porte native Arlene (Ahlgrim) Lighthall. Arlene, who now lives in Del Mar, Calif., grew up in La Porte. ... Continue Reading →

What do rising bond yields mean to investors?

  If you follow the financial news even casually, you may know that bond yields have been rising since the year began. What does this mean to you as an individual investor? In ... Continue Reading →

Sore Adam’s apple or not, martial arts has taught me much more than self-defense

  Column author Donavan Barrier grew up in La Porte and graduated from Purdue Northwest in December 2019. He wrote for the Purdue Pioneer for a year and a half while also writing ... Continue Reading →

How much risk should you take before retirement?

  If you’re planning to retire in just a few years, you may be getting excited about this next phase of your life. However, your ability to enjoy retirement fully will depend, ... Continue Reading →

Business owners’ issues go beyond “Mom and Pop” label

  If you own a small business, you typically don’t get a lot of recognition – so you may be pleased to learn that March 29 is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. You ... Continue Reading →

Mike Kellems, and all of us at WNLP, salute and mourn the late Fern Eddy Schultz

  (Editor’s note: WNLP will be re-sharing some of Fern’s columns in future weeks.) Column by WNLP’s Mike Kellems La Porte County lost a true treasure last week ... Continue Reading →

(Ring, ring …) Hello? What? La Porte made world history in 1892?

  By La Porte County Historian Bruce Johnson Almon B. Strowger was born in Penfield, N.Y., in 1839. At first, he was a teacher in schools throughout the Midwest. But in 1886, ... Continue Reading →

Resilience is key to meeting financial goals

  In just about any endeavor, you’ll benefit by showing resilience – and that’s certainly true when it comes to achieving your financial goals. You can demonstrate this resilience ... Continue Reading →

Kellems: I’m the willing chump who feeds these beautiful creatures

  Story and photos by WNLP’s Mike Kellems Well, this is another fine mess I’ve gotten myself into. Ever start off with a project, intending to do something good ... Continue Reading →