Plan ahead before joining the “Great Resignation”

  It’s been called the “Great Resignation” – the large number of Americans voluntarily leaving their jobs. If you plan to be part of it (ideally with another source of ... Continue Reading →

In this quiet tribute to 9/11, numbers mattered

  Column and photos by WNLP’s Mike Kellems (Click photos to enlarge) 2,071. Bottom to top, that’s how many steps the World Trade Center towers contained prior to ... Continue Reading →

9-11: a La Portean reflects

  Editor’s note: Jen Boardman worked in New York City just 2 miles from the Twin Towers at the time of 9-11. A La Porte native, she now lives back in her hometown with her ... Continue Reading →

With Wellinski, a tour of perseverance for all

WNLP editor’s note: Tour de La Porte, the annual biking, running and walking event, began in 2002 with cycling alone. The two-day event now includes several running events ranging ... Continue Reading →

Help your grandchildren prepare for the future

  If you’re a grandparent, you don’t need Grandparents Day, observed on Sept. 12, to remind you of the joys of having grandchildren. Yet, you might want to use this day as ... Continue Reading →

Arlene Lighthall: New ties to the Old Country, part 2

  WNLP editor’s note: Here’s another chapter from the memoirs of La Porte native Arlene (Ahlgrim) Lighthall. Arlene, who now lives in Del Mar, Calif., grew up in La Porte. ... Continue Reading →

Start thinking about your retirement income plan

  If you’re getting close to retirement, you’re probably thinking about the ways your life will soon be changing. And one key transition involves your income – instead of ... Continue Reading →

Be prepared for long-term care costs

  Like everyone, you’d like to enjoy a long, healthy, independent life. But the future is unknowable, so it’s a good idea to prepare for a variety of outcomes – including ... Continue Reading →

529 plans: not just for college

  If you’ve heard of 529 plans, you might think they can be used only to help pay for college. And you wouldn’t be alone: Less than one-third of adults properly identified ... Continue Reading →

Semi-pro ballplayer, Cubs fan, good seamster, LP County inmate. Who? John Dillinger.

  By La Porte County Historian Bruce Johnson (Click photos to enlarge)  John Dillinger, Jr., was an infamous gangster and bank robber known as “Public Enemy No. 1.” He was ... Continue Reading →