Great shot: a dove over Pine Lake?

  Kevin Raymond, a self-proclaimed “proud La Portean,” was enjoying a few adult beverages at the Boardwalk Bar and enjoying the sunset recently when a dove-like ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: sand creations

La Portean Corey Goers had the right idea to beat the heat Thursday night: go visit Town Line Beach in Union Pier, Mich. He found other beach goers there, trying to escape the 90-degree ... Continue Reading →

A look back: the neighborhood grocery store, Boardman’s Foods

  Back when just about every neighborhood boasted its own grocery store, Boardman’s Foods filled that role at the corner of Monroe and Rose streets on La Porte’s southeast ... Continue Reading →

A scaled-back Fourth, but fireworks against a full moon are well-worth remembering

    WNLP’s Bob Welllinski and Mike Kellems were on hand for some Independence Day celebrations Saturday night. Writes Kellems: “Despite the many cancellations ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: a gem for the city

    Wally and Jacque Brath were taking an evening walk in Kesling Park recently and and saw the setting sun shining through the trees. “What a gem for the city,” ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: a beautiful thing …

In spite of the uncertainty and stress of the times, WNLP readers seem to have an appreciative eye for the gifts of nature. Gena Blankenship sent these photos, writing: “A few ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: a pair of nesting hawks

    Pastor Carl Galloway spied these hawks at the La Porte County Courthouse and submitted photos to WNLP, writing: “Once again, a pair of Red-tailed Hawks nested on ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: Beechwood beauty

  Early morning golfers know how to start the day off right. La Portean Corey Goers sent this shot to WNLP, writing “I caught the sun spying through the trees and fog at ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: a treat for fishermen

    The fishing pier in Washington Park, Michigan City, rarely fails to give fishermen a breathtaking view of a setting sun. Jeff Kubaszyk took these pics Thursday evening ... Continue Reading →

And then did it fly to Corey Goers’ home?

The hawk photographed by Bob Wellinski must have decided to stop by the home of Corey Goers, who captured this image. “A hungry hawk waiting in the bushes in my backyard for ... Continue Reading →