What’s the score? Who cares? Faculty and students take the court for charity

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski The scoreboard displayed a 62-59 faculty victory thanks to fun-loving tampering with the score throughout the game, much like Florida’s election results ... Continue Reading →

Flashback: Sen. Birch Bayh visits “enemy camp” at LP County Fair ca. 1980

Photo by Bob Wellinski Former U.S. Senator from Indiana Birch Bayh, who passed away March 14, 2019, at age 91, was best remembered as a champion of girls’ and women’s rights, ... Continue Reading →

Thursday: Clouds, wind, 60s, rain, sun, rain, hail, 40s, sun, wind

Nothing to see here. Just another day in March in LaPorte County.    WNLP contributor Shannon Woods took the first photo above: “I spotted this hail covering the sidewalk ... Continue Reading →

Enthusiastic crowd applauds Guest Conductor Maria Mercedez Diaz Garcia and LP symphony

Photos by Bob Wellinski Guest Conductor Maria Mercedes Diaz Garcia (top photos) led LaPorte County Symphony Orchestra’s Sunday concert at Holdcraft Performing Arts Center in Michigan ... Continue Reading →

A relaxing ride on a sweet steed can be so beneficial

Photos (above and below) and story by Bob Wellinski 15-year-old Clare Frawley keeps a pretty busy schedule with her classes, service clubs, sports and parish activities. Recently, ... Continue Reading →

Bitter cold led to emergency repair of Franklin Street Bridge, scheduled to reopen in April

WNLP story and photos by Mike Kellems The handsome and iconic bridge that spans Franklin Street in Michigan City is in its second week of emergency repairs and remains closed ... Continue Reading →

The McFerrons bid greetings from sunny … and warm … Arizona?

Native LaPortean Mike McFerron and his wife, Jen, moved to Prescott, AZ, from LaPorte. They wanted to escape our winters. To that, Mother Nature said, “Ha!” Here’s ... Continue Reading →

Two men. Two cameras. Ice wars. It’s ugly.

WNLP photos (above) by Mike Kellems Several days back WNLP posted some of Bob Wellinski’s photos of the icy local landscape (scroll down to see them below). Then Mike Kellems, ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: Better hide the roast beast

You expect them to take that crazy sled ride down into Whoville at any moment. Snow sculptor Byron Fitzgerald (standing at left) brought the Grinch and his little dog Max to life in ... Continue Reading →

Great Shots: Snow, snuggles, sports

Eric Blankenship took this mesmerizing photo showing the snowy road to (?), actually, Fail Road. Continue Reading →