Great shots: a full moon over Lake Michigan

  This month’s full moon officially occurred early Thursday morning, but says that, to the casual stargazer, the moon appeared full the night before, which is ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: Lake Michigan

“Lovely Lake Michigan,” Shannon Woods wrote WNLP. She found some simple joy in nature, like many of our WNLP photographer-contributors. “I’m on hiatus from ... Continue Reading →

During these times, Cherri Drayton finds calmness, introspection on her walks

Cherri Drayton writes, “As many people have increased their exercise routines to stay healthy and to defray boredom, I too have increased my activity. Walking outside in nature ... Continue Reading →

A view of Port Canaveral, from former La Portean AJ Serafin

“Five cruise ships and three small freighters at anchor off of Port Canaveral,” wrote former La Portean AJ Serafin of this shot taken this past weekend. “I am a ... Continue Reading →

Great shots: it wasn’t easy, but Power manages to snap a solar halo

  “A solar corona?” That’s what retired La Porte High School science teacher William Power wrote WNLP after  catching these amazing images yesterday and sharing ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: sunset beauty

  Retired teacher and photography enthusiast Corey Goers caught this breathtaking shot of the sunset just south of La Porte Municipal Airport Saturday evening. The weekend weather ... Continue Reading →

Goodbye, April. Will May be kinder to Lake Michigan’s shoreline?

Like many La Porteans, Corey Goers sometimes ventures north to New Buffalo, Mich. to enjoy all that the southern tip of Lake Michigan has to offer. But once again we’re reminded ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: “Spring is so fickle”

  Corey Goers, of La Porte, took advantage of the beautiful day Sunday afternoon by walking  around Pine Lake and Stone Lake. “Spring is so fickle—snow one day and sunshine ... Continue Reading →

Great shots: yes, that’s snow in mid-April

Corey Goers, of La Porte, ventured out Friday morning to get some shots of beauty out in the county. He’s got us guessing on the location of a few, but the bridge over the channel ... Continue Reading →

A spring snow? It’s not all bad; just look …

  In spite of its appealing alliteration, the phrase “spring snow” doesn’t exactly bring joy to the minds of many. Except to WNLP’s Bob Wellinski, who ... Continue Reading →