Who needs SportsCenter? Here are WNLP’s own photos of Colts’ victory

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski Bob Wellinski and his youngest, Rebecca, ventured to Lucas Oil Stadium in Indy Oct. 21, 2018, to watch the Colts stomp all over the Bills, 37-5. “Although ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

Mike Kellems is getting all fancy on us, thanks to his memory of lessons from longtime LPHS French teacher Madame Joyce Koselke (now retired). “I titled it ‘The more things ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: Fishing amidst the lily pads

Many times you’re close to wildlife and you might not even know it. Shannon Woods spotted this beauty: “I saw this lone heron at Stone Lake on a crisp autumn day.” ... Continue Reading →

How was 30th Children’s Concert received by the young ones? Check out Bob’s photos

WNLP photos by Bob Wellinski Hundreds of students from LaPorte and surrounding school systems lit up the Civic Auditorium with smiles at the LaPorte County Symphony Orchestra’s ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: angry sky

Bob Wellinski took this photo west of LaPorte Tuesday evening, Sept. 25, 2018, as a nasty storm approached. A police officer reported a funnel cloud near Kingsbury, which led emergency ... Continue Reading →

Great Shots: beauty in the big sky

One more thing for LaPorte County residents to be thankful for: In a lot of places we still have a big sky, uninhibited by tall buildings or obnoxious lights. These two rainbow photos ... Continue Reading →

Sun provides plenty of rays for LaPorte’s 20th Sunflower Fair

WNLP photos and information by Bob Wellinski Michigan Avenue was packed with people enjoying the 20th Sunflower Fest on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018. A beautiful sunny day was only outdone ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: a rainbow prevails

Shannon Woods took this photo of a rainbow peeking out from beneath thunder clouds after one of our recent downpours. If you have a Great Shot (or a few) to share, send them as .jpg ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: summer scene at its most charming

Someone should turn this one into a painting. “My chickens enjoying the summer sun as the season winds down,” Jessica Nelson of Scipio Township wrote. This colorful flock ... Continue Reading →

Here’s to the laborers — past and present — who’ve shaped LaPorte

Photos and information courtesy of LaPorte County Historical Society Happy Labor Day to every worker in every job and profession, and to those who retired after years of labor. To mark ... Continue Reading →