Great shot: now if you look closely …

    La Portean Glen Richardson knows what he’s looking at when photographing a recent night sky from the Fairfield subdivision. Glen said this photo was taken at about ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: enjoy the view

    A forecast of continued rain promises to block sunrises such as this one photographed at Beechwood a few days ago by La Portean Corey Goers – but they’ll ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: underneath the overpass

  La Portean Kevin Raymond took this photograph earlier this week of the underside of the overpass, after he celebrated National Chicken Wing Day at nearby Buffalo Wild Wings.  If ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: lower humidity, beautiful sunset

  “As the humidity left our area, we were blessed with a fantastic sunset Monday night,” writes La Portean Bill Power. We’ve enjoyed lower humidity in the area ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: beauty at Beechwood

“Another beautiful sunrise,” writes Corey Goers, retired La Porte High School teacher and coach. “This was taken from Beachwood Golf course with the sun just ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: blue skies … but will it last?

  La Portean Shannon Woods was returning after a day’s shopping and caught the image of this plane against a beautiful blue sky earlier this week along Indiana 39 South. ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: sunrise over U.S. 35

    So who’s up at 5:03 in the morning? La Portean Kevin Raymond was on Monday — and he was rewarded with the sight of this beautiful sunrise over U.S. 35, near ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: it’s that time

  “The corn is growing and that means it is time to take care of the fields,” La Portean Corey Goers writes WNLP.  He shot these images of a plane crop dusting just ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: Comet Neowise

        WNLP’s Bob Welllinski enjoyed a “Friday night space shoot” last night and was able to capture images of Comet Neowise. Above, the comet ... Continue Reading →

Great shot: you can bet that Mom is nearby

WNLP’s Mike Kellems came upon this fawn, grazing in a field near Pinola earlier this week. According to the Wildlife Wildcat Center, it’s during July and August, when fawns ... Continue Reading →