Moments in Time … in photographs

  Photos courtesy of La Porte County Historical Society Museum Continue Reading →

Great Shot: Look closely; can you see the hexagons?

  La Porte’s Bill Power, who took this shot, writes: “‘Diamonds are forever,’ but these little gems will only last until it warms up. Due to high temperatures ... Continue Reading →

Bob’s Great Shot: the pupiscope

  In movies you’ve seen submarine periscopes, which rise above the surface to monitor the area. This astute driver has redesigned the concept to create the pupiscope. Only ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: See it peeking through?

  After some dark, dark days, it sure was nice to see even a bit of sunshine a few times recently. Corey Goers took this shot of the whitish sun managing to break through some ... Continue Reading →

Great Shots: peace

  From Corey Goers: “I took the picture of the tree off Johnson Road in the middle of a snow-covered field. I took the picture of the ice fishermen at Stone Lake by Craven ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: blue skies smilin’ at me

  Our Bob Wellinski can find images of inspiration anywhere. He captured this one of a skylight at Beacon Medical La Porte, showing the sunlight in a deep blue sky illuminating ... Continue Reading →

Great Shots: fish stories – and they’re true!

  Think you’ll just catch little bluegill and perch on local ice fishing expeditions? Take a look at these giant pike and bass, snared in our own Pine Lake. These shots ... Continue Reading →

Moments in Time … in photographs

  Photos and information courtesy of La Porte County Historical Society Museum Continue Reading →

Snow is pretty, at least up close

  WNLP’s Bob Wellinski says, “These are snowflakes clinging to a fruit tree branch. I found closeup filters and wanted to try and adapt them to my cellphone.” ... Continue Reading →

Great Shot: They’re not rubbing it in; they’re having fun for you

May Moore, of La Porte, rejoices on Fort Myers Beach Jan. 18 in this photo taken by her husband, Richard. Don’t be envious; be glad they’re having fun on our behalf! ... Continue Reading →