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Attention, readers!

“What’s New, LaPorte?” is YOUR community homepage! Please share your news and photos with us! Your information and pictures will be posted at no charge to you.


Please e-mail the pertinent information you’d like to share (make it detailed!), along with photos (more than one if you’d like!) to Please title it appropriately, such as “Smith Birth,” “Jones Wedding,” etc.

When it comes to pics, we’re flexible! For example, instead of sending a photo of just the newborn, send one of the baby and his/her parents (or grandparents, or both, if they’re from the LaPorte area). For a newly married couple, if the parents of one or both spouses are from this area, send a photo of the couple and the parents together! Be sure to identify everyone for us, and note where they live.


We’re looking for fun family shots, backyard barbecues, sports shots, vacation pics, landscapes, pet photos, wildlife – in short, all of your great shots! Please send them as jpeg attachments to Title them as “Great Shots.” Be sure to include information about each shot (identify the people, the location, etc.) and include the name of the photographer.


If you would like to submit an obituary that is not being handled by a LaPorte funeral home, please title it “obituary” and e-mail it to Make it as detailed as you want. If you would like, please also attach a photo of the deceased. Photos are not limited to just headshots. For example, if your loved one was an avid fisherman and you have a favorite snapshot of him with a great catch, or if your loved one was a great gardener and you have a snapshot of her with her beautiful flowers, send that instead of a headshot. We want to help capture the essence of the person.


Does your business, club or organization have some news or do you want to announce a coming event or meeting? Please e-mail it to Please include a contact person with e-mail address and phone number in case we need more information. And attach related photos of events if you have them!


We want your feedback! Would you like to submit a letter of opinion to appear on “What’s New, LaPorte?” Do you have a suggestion or comment for us? Please title it appropriately (Letter, Suggestion or Comment) and e-mail it to